Effective Web Design and Development: Pointers For Success

Online, this is where you and your business need to be today. From the shop around the corner to the business magnet running a huge enterprise, everyone is striving to make their online presence felt. Even the smallest of service providers operating locally, running a small scale business has a website, for it’s the only way to reach the global market, even by having a local small physical office. A website is your shop front in the digital and online marketplace. It represents you and your business in the global worldwide market place.So, the importance of having a website with attractive website design and functionality due to effective website development techniques is unparalleled and of utmost importance. A website can be vaguely compared to a dish cooked by a master chef. Just like in food every ingredient must in perfect quantity, in case of a website the design and development both should be in sync and must of perfect quality to create an effective impact in the mind of the viewer.

Below are some pointers for effective web design and development

Attractive and responsive design.

One of the basic factors that work for a website is its design and layout. Website design is of utmost importance. Unique, attractive and innovative design adds to the aesthetic value of the website. Also making the website responsive, so that it can be effectively accessed by not only computers but also smart phones and tablets, without jeopardizing its look and ease of navigation, is mandatory nowadays.

User friendly interface

The website development should be done in such a way that its user friendly and interactive. First time users ,mostly laymen or those who are not so proficient with website much like the elderly will be benefitted by the interactive and user friendly design, thus increasing the chance and scope of business by generating more traffic due to ease of navigation.

Enriched and precise contents

Keep the content of your website precise and to the point without missing out on quality. The content in your website should be both relevant and coherent to the views and goals of your business.


Lastly and most importantly keep marketing your website. Don’t let your website just sit there in the webspace and fade into oblivion. It’s of no use if people don’t visit your website. Use and implement effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure and generate continuous traffic and thus transform into a greater business opportunity.

These are just basic pointers for an effective and successful web design and development. If rightly done a website can take your business to unassailable heights.

The new rules for social media optimization: Part 1

Social media, two words. These two words may not seem much, but the effects of these two words are undeniable. Words which we swear by nowadays. One cannot be guilty of overstatement; upon saying these two words have penetrated every facet of not only our lives but also our society in huge way. From being a platform to exchange pleasantries and increasing acquaintances, it has evolved and grown to occupy and influence our thinking and our views on almost all subjects in our daily life. So it was only a little time before marketing would mould itself and merge into social media and wield it to its advantage.
Social media Optimization (SMO) is simply a method of promoting and increasing the online presence and visibility of a business in the online world of social media. It mainly emphasizes on implementing the online word of mouth publicity to the benefit of the business. Originally coined by Rohit Bhargava, in his blog, Social Media Optimization has taken the world of digital marketing by storm. Rohit Bhargava, developed five rules for effective social media optimization, But later he updated them on basis of new emerging players and more competitive market scenario.
The new updated 5 rules of SMO are:

  • Emphasize on quantity for increasing shares: Rather than emphasis on linkabilty this new updated rule emphasizes on creating relevant and interesting content that more people can share on their website or on social media sites. For nothing beats a good quality blog or article, as people tend to share it more and more.
  • Making sharing easy: Find or devise new ways so that people can share your content more and more into various social media outlets. For example make shot cut buttons, customized for every social media platform as add a tweet button for Twitter, Pin it button for Pinterest etc
  • Reward engagement: While there are a million definitions for “engagement” ranging from comments and discussion to posting or sharing content – this is the behavior that matters most in the social web and the one that we should all focus on rewarding when it happens.
  • Share contents in proactive way: Make your content tailor made for every mode of sharing. Make a slide show about it. Create a video about it and share in scribd or youtube.Don’t shy away from making your content available in all facets of social media to increase visibility.
  • Encourage the mash up: this one rule is same as the previous one. Invite people to read and even modify your content. Let different people add to your list their own inputs and opinions. In this way your content can evolve and generate more buzz than just mundanely lying around in a stagnant sate.

These are the new rules of SMO updated by Rohit Bhargava for digital marketing. In the next blog we will discuss about the other additions to the previous list.

The new rules of social media optimization: Part 2

In the previous blog I discussed the original 5 rules of social media optimization, updated by Rohit Bhargava himself on light of emergence of new players like pinterest or Twitter and evolution of social media in general. As the original 5 rules were proposed by Rohit Bhargava in 2008, he felt the need of updating them and modifying them so as suit the modern social media and online marketing scenario. In this blog we will get to know the rest of the 16 rules of social media optimization updated by other prominent bloggers and online marketing experts in the respective field.

Jeremiah Owyang added

Be a user resource even when it doesn’t help you.

Don’t shy away from adding outbound links to other blogs or resources, which might be relevant to average readers of your blog in fulfilling their goals. This will create a positive response in their minds and they will link to you more and more as an honest and complete source of information, readers and competitors’ alike. This positive response will, in an indirect way, drive your E-commerce solution in a major way.

Reward helpful and valuable users

Always reward helpful users and commenter in your blog. Thank them and let them know that you appreciate their involvement via email or mentioning them in a comment. It works as a personal gesture and people will help you and link with you more and more.

Cameron Olthuis added


Participate and get involved in other people blog and contribute to them across the social media. By participating and getting involved with different people in the social media, you will boost your E-commerce solution, if any, by interacting with potential customers and clients

Know how to target your audience

Interact with your audience and get involved with them, get their inputs and enrich your content accordingly.

Create content

This is synonymous to rule 9 as you need to create quality content. Without quality you can’t achieve your goals.

Be real

Be true and real, you can’t put up an act for a long time. Only by being genuine you can achieve your goals
Loren Baker added

Don’t forget your roots, be humble

Never forget your beginnings and keep your feet firmly on the ground. No one likes a big headed self congratulatory know it all.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, stay fresh

Keep trying new ideas and content for your blog, in this way you can attract different people with varied range of interests. Evolve with the evolving social media and the market
Lee Odden added

Develop a SMO strategy

Keep your objectives defined and goals set. Plan your strategy and act accordingly.

Choose your SMO tactics wisely

Choose and customize your tactics wisely. Not every tactic will work for everyone.

Make SMO a part of your everyday process

SMO is not one time fire and forget missile. You need add it to your to do list everyday so as to keep evolving with the ever changing scenario of Social Media Marketing and digital marketing.

So, this brings to an end of the 16 rules of effective Social Media Marketing.Follow and practices them for an effective Digital marketing experience.

WordPress and PHP: hand in hand

A website is the need of the hour for every business. To get recognition and to reach the zenith of success, every business needs a website. WordPress is here just for that. It is said to be the most popular, easiest and effective website management and blogging system present and in use in web development and design. WordPress itself is made up of php and MySQL.So, in learning wordpress structure and core coding components, php is a must know for all.
Let’s say you already have a wordpress website. You are very happy with it and its functionalities now. But now let’s take a leap forward in time and think about future scenario. Due to everyday advancements and innovations, everything is changing rapidly, and with time, in the light of developed scenario you want to make a few advancements as well in your good old wordpress website or blogging website. As wordpress follows a plugin architechture, there are thousands of plugins available, serving numerous purposes. So naturally you will turn to plugins for you custom advancement.Now comes the tricky part. Many a times you will find that, the particular plugin that you will need to perform your specific task is in lacking or not present at all. As plugins are made for general use, it’s highly likely that there are no plugins available for catering to your specific requirement. Also with time you would want to change the theme of your website, if not completely change, you would want to tweak the design and make some changes here and there. To do this you need to have little knowledge of php as the themes as well as plugins are made from php language.
Php is revered among programmers for its smoothness. It’s server side scripting language and is considered the best scripting language among other programming languages implemented in web design and development.Facebook itself is made in php and we all revere the smoothness and high functionality of facebook pages. Also php is a lightweight scripting language which doesn’t make your website heavy and thus making it easier to load and taking less time while doing it.
So as we can see that php and wordpress really go hand in hand and they complement each other thus amalgamating to form a perfect wordpress website.

Android 7.0 Nougat: Features for enhanced Security

Android 7.0 Nougat came out with a whole lot of new and exciting features which bolsters its functionality. But no Android update is complete without its security updates, which is major concern for Android, as Android emphasizes upon privacy and security of its users.
Nougat comes with an impressive set of security features that hardens and improves upon the security provided by its predecessors. Let take quick overview of the security features Nougat has provided for its consumers

Seamless & Automatic Updates
Gone are the days when Android will notify and depend upon the user to update their phones whenever a fix or patch is released. As many don’t manually update their devices, Android has taken it over itself to do so. In Nougat, whenever a new update or fix is received, Android will automatically download it, and the update will be applied whenever the user reboots their phones. The user won’t be bothered in the whole process as they will have nothing to do about it.

Direct Boot
Direct boot is a feature which allows apps to run and function even before the user logs in, in case of a reboot. When a reboot happens, the OS gets loaded and all other functions are halted until the user logs in with his pass code or PIN or security pattern. Direct Boot allows some apps run securely even before the user logs in.

File Level Encryption
Previous versions of Android used block level encryption. Nougat takes it up a notch by introducing file level encryption. This will allow for better isolation and protection of files for an individual user. Coupled with Direct Boot, file level encryption will provide better security and functionality.

Scoped Directory access 
With this feature apps will only be access specific folders or directories rather than the whole file system. Apps will be given access of only specific folders and not the whole primary or secondary storage or volume. This will help protect sensitive and private data from intrusive apps.

Restricted Permission sharing for Apps
In previous versions of Android, apps were able to share user granted permissions with other apps. Nougat restricts this permission sharing. Also, in Nougat apps with device admin access or permission won’t be able to change user’s PIN or password and users will be able to uninstall them.