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    Android 7.0 Nougat: Features for enhanced Security

    Android 7.0 Nougat came out with a whole lot of new and exciting features which bolsters its functionality. But no Android update is complete without its security updates, which is major concern for Android, as Android emphasizes upon privacy and security of its users.
    Nougat comes with an impressive set of security features that hardens and improves upon the security provided by its predecessors. Let take quick overview of the security features Nougat has provided for its consumers

    Seamless & Automatic Updates
    Gone are the days when Android will notify and depend upon the user to update their phones whenever a fix or patch is released. As many don’t manually update their devices, Android has taken it over itself to do so. In Nougat, whenever a new update or fix is received, Android will automatically download it, and the update will be applied whenever the user reboots their phones. The user won’t be bothered in the whole process as they will have nothing to do about it.

    Direct Boot
    Direct boot is a feature which allows apps to run and function even before the user logs in, in case of a reboot. When a reboot happens, the OS gets loaded and all other functions are halted until the user logs in with his pass code or PIN or security pattern. Direct Boot allows some apps run securely even before the user logs in.

    File Level Encryption
    Previous versions of Android used block level encryption. Nougat takes it up a notch by introducing file level encryption. This will allow for better isolation and protection of files for an individual user. Coupled with Direct Boot, file level encryption will provide better security and functionality.

    Scoped Directory access 
    With this feature apps will only be access specific folders or directories rather than the whole file system. Apps will be given access of only specific folders and not the whole primary or secondary storage or volume. This will help protect sensitive and private data from intrusive apps.

    Restricted Permission sharing for Apps
    In previous versions of Android, apps were able to share user granted permissions with other apps. Nougat restricts this permission sharing. Also, in Nougat apps with device admin access or permission won’t be able to change user’s PIN or password and users will be able to uninstall them.