Android Oreo: 5 sweetest offerings from the Android bakery

Jun 062019

Last year, in August, Android offered us Nougat. This year they are back with another sweet offering, the world’s favorite cookie has taken its digital persona in the form of an Android release and is arriving in our phones very soon to cater to our technological sweet tooth. With Android Oreo, android devices will learn some new tricks while perfecting the old ones. A super power that is simultaneously a sweetheart and sweet dish, it’s actually a delight


Here are 5 ways how Android Oreo is going to make our lives sweeter:


Battery life, extended  


Thanks to Google’s Vitals program, the battery life will be extended when Android Oreo hits our phones. Android Oreo helps minimize background activity in the apps you use least; it’s the super power you can’t even see. Also Oreo is putting limits in excessive use of location updates by apps. So the least used app will not be running wild in the background and the frequency of location updates will be curbed for better battery life.


Notification Dots



No more pulling down the drop down menu from the top of the screen to check the missed notifications. With Android Oreo, apps whose notifications you have missed will flaunt a badge of that app’s color. When you scan your home screen, you can spot that badge and will be able to view the missed notification upon long pressing the badge.





The iOS feature now comes to Android. Android Oreo supports the PiP feature, which will allow you to take a video call or watch the YouTube video while checking out an app, without pushing the former to the background. Users will activate it by simply hitting the home button while watching a video. PiP videos can be dismissed by simply swiping the clip away.


Enhanced Security



Android Oreo practically guarantees enhanced security through the feature called Google Play Protect. It will scan your phone for threats, is constantly on the lookout for latest risks, found and detected by machine learning. It scans about 50 billion apps per day, thus securing your phone from the ones you haven’t installed yet.


Accessibility. Improved


It will be easier to tap into Android’s accessibility features. An accessibility button in the navigation bar provides quick access to features such as magnification and services including Select to Speak. Oreo’s audio will also be optimized with accessibility in mind, with separate controls for accessibility and media volume. That lets the audio of onscreen feedback play at a different volume than audio from a video or song.