Essential WordPress plugins for your blog: Security and Maintenance

Jun 062019

With WordPress supporting more than 60 million websites, supporting thousands of blogs and running about 27% of the internet, security and maintenance for WordPress is of utmost importance and a major concern for website owners and bloggers. Hackers nowadays are more interested in hacking WordPress site by exploiting the vulnerabilities of WordPress plugins and third party themes. The same plugins that extend the functionalities of WordPress and lets users “do things” are the same ones jeopardizing the security. There are many examples where due to a single vulnerable plug-in, a whole web server hosting thousands of websites was hacked. If you are a WordPress user and are serious about your website, you should be concerned and must take care of security.

Below listed are some security plugins for WordPress that will safeguard your WordPress experience and will let you make the most of WordPress without jeopardizing the security:





Wordfence security, with over 2+ million downloads, is the most downloaded security Plugin, and apparently, is trusted by many. It keeps scanning the WordPress core for vulnerabilities and malware infections, identifies malicious traffic and blocks attackers even before they attack. It blocks known attackers, bots and aggressive crawlers, enforces login security, generates real time traffic reports and supports multi-site and even sends you e mail alert in case any security infringement is found. The premium version has many more features including country blocking, scheduled scans and support.





Just as the name suggests, Anti-Spam stops regular spams in their tracks. This Plugin blocks spam in comments automatically, invisibly for users and for admins. Anti-Spam doesn’t use captcha, has no moderation queues and also no settings page. It doesn’t annoy the readers of the blog and lets them leave a comment without having to enter captchas or answering questions.





VaultPress is from the same good people who gave us WordPress. It’s the optimal solution for your daily backup woes. It protects your website and your WordPress blog from viruses, exploits, malwares, hackers, host failures and user errors and even if your website is hacked, it’s very easy, about two clicks easy, to restore the website to its previous state. It offers daily real-time automated backups stored in offsite digital vaults. With its Jetpack personal plan for small businesses, start ups and personal sites priced at $3.50 monthly or just $39 per year, it offers peace of mind at a nominal cost.





WP-Optimize is an effective tool for automatically cleaning your WordPress database so that it runs at maximum efficiency. It keeps your blog running smoothly by removing unnecessary post revisions and removing all the spam and un-approved comments. It generates reports on the database tables about overheads and wasted spaces and empowers you to keep your website neat, fast and efficient. It also runs scheduled automatic clean-ups and so as not to let data sit on the website for long.

Sucuri Security




Made by website security and auditing company Sucuri Inc., Sucuri Security is another such potent security plug in, offering a plethora of security features like security activity audit logging, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, effective security hardening, post-hack security actions and security notifications. It incorporates multiple blacklist engines like Google Safe Browsing, Sucuri Labs, Norton, McAfee Site Advisor, AVG, ESET and many more and scans your site for attacks. The sucuri firewall protects your website from DOS attack, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, brute force attacks and more.

These were the few WordPress security plugins that can be of use to you. Be it a website or blog site. If it’s made with WordPress then these plugins are sure to come in handy for the protection and maintenance of your site. Each and every single Plugin in this list offers some unique functionality, which if incorporated in your website will be of great value.