Monetize Your WordPress blogs: 5 ways to earn through your blog

Jun 062019

Monetize Your WordPress blogs: 5 ways to earn through your blog

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WordPress blogs, one of the tastiest offering from WordPress, has made the process of sharing the skills and knowledge with world much convenient. Be it for recreational, personal or even commercial, whatever be the reason, staring a blog is always a great thing to do. What’s of more greatness is that you can monetize it and earn money through it in ways more than one. Being one of the easiest things to do is another brownie point. You don’t have to learn any HMTL, CSS or any other complicated acronym of an equally complicated programming knowledge. All you need to do is use WordPress Blogs to create your own avenue of earning money online.
Being the world’s most popular content management system that powers nearly 28% of the web, WordPress is the perfect platform to use and monetize your knowledge, creativity and skill. Mentioned below are some easy ways to earn money through WordPress blogs.


Online Courses



Online courses have become hugely popular nowadays and many prefer it over its traditional counterpart. If you have what it takes you can charge a good amount for offering your experience, skill and knowledge for educational purposes. You can offer web design and development, digital marketing etc. you can offer short classes with supporting materials.


Freelancing Service


Quite like the previous point you offer freelancing services from your blog and earn money through it by adding invoicing and payment plug-ins to your blog by collecting payments in lieu of you services.

Affiliate Marketing



It is one of the easiest ways of making money through your blog. There is no dearth of things to promote and you can earn a lot in that way. Just install affiliate marketing tools on your blog and sign for an affiliate marketing program from thousands of brands or companies worldwide.


Google AdSense



Google AdSense is also a good option that you can consider to earn money from your blog. You need a script from Google to your website and you are all set to display ads on your blog. Google will pay you when every time a user clicks on the ad. There are many helpful guides available that will tell you how to monetize your WordPress blog with Google AdSense.

Though this is not the full list and there are many other ways to make money, you can try the above result-driven ways. Just find the one that works for you and you are good to go.