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    The new rules for social media optimization: Part 1

    Social media, two words. These two words may not seem much, but the effects of these two words are undeniable. Words which we swear by nowadays. One cannot be guilty of overstatement; upon saying these two words have penetrated every facet of not only our lives but also our society in huge way. From being a platform to exchange pleasantries and increasing acquaintances, it has evolved and grown to occupy and influence our thinking and our views on almost all subjects in our daily life. So it was only a little time before marketing would mould itself and merge into social media and wield it to its advantage.
    Social media Optimization (SMO) is simply a method of promoting and increasing the online presence and visibility of a business in the online world of social media. It mainly emphasizes on implementing the online word of mouth publicity to the benefit of the business. Originally coined by Rohit Bhargava, in his blog, Social Media Optimization has taken the world of digital marketing by storm. Rohit Bhargava, developed five rules for effective social media optimization, But later he updated them on basis of new emerging players and more competitive market scenario.
    The new updated 5 rules of SMO are:

    • Emphasize on quantity for increasing shares: Rather than emphasis on linkabilty this new updated rule emphasizes on creating relevant and interesting content that more people can share on their website or on social media sites. For nothing beats a good quality blog or article, as people tend to share it more and more.
    • Making sharing easy: Find or devise new ways so that people can share your content more and more into various social media outlets. For example make shot cut buttons, customized for every social media platform as add a tweet button for Twitter, Pin it button for Pinterest etc
    • Reward engagement: While there are a million definitions for “engagement” ranging from comments and discussion to posting or sharing content – this is the behavior that matters most in the social web and the one that we should all focus on rewarding when it happens.
    • Share contents in proactive way: Make your content tailor made for every mode of sharing. Make a slide show about it. Create a video about it and share in scribd or youtube.Don’t shy away from making your content available in all facets of social media to increase visibility.
    • Encourage the mash up: this one rule is same as the previous one. Invite people to read and even modify your content. Let different people add to your list their own inputs and opinions. In this way your content can evolve and generate more buzz than just mundanely lying around in a stagnant sate.

    These are the new rules of SMO updated by Rohit Bhargava for digital marketing. In the next blog we will discuss about the other additions to the previous list.