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    The new rules of social media optimization: Part 2

    In the previous blog I discussed the original 5 rules of social media optimization, updated by Rohit Bhargava himself on light of emergence of new players like pinterest or Twitter and evolution of social media in general. As the original 5 rules were proposed by Rohit Bhargava in 2008, he felt the need of updating them and modifying them so as suit the modern social media and online marketing scenario. In this blog we will get to know the rest of the 16 rules of social media optimization updated by other prominent bloggers and online marketing experts in the respective field.

    Jeremiah Owyang added

    Be a user resource even when it doesn’t help you.

    Don’t shy away from adding outbound links to other blogs or resources, which might be relevant to average readers of your blog in fulfilling their goals. This will create a positive response in their minds and they will link to you more and more as an honest and complete source of information, readers and competitors’ alike. This positive response will, in an indirect way, drive your E-commerce solution in a major way.

    Reward helpful and valuable users

    Always reward helpful users and commenter in your blog. Thank them and let them know that you appreciate their involvement via email or mentioning them in a comment. It works as a personal gesture and people will help you and link with you more and more.

    Cameron Olthuis added


    Participate and get involved in other people blog and contribute to them across the social media. By participating and getting involved with different people in the social media, you will boost your E-commerce solution, if any, by interacting with potential customers and clients

    Know how to target your audience

    Interact with your audience and get involved with them, get their inputs and enrich your content accordingly.

    Create content

    This is synonymous to rule 9 as you need to create quality content. Without quality you can’t achieve your goals.

    Be real

    Be true and real, you can’t put up an act for a long time. Only by being genuine you can achieve your goals
    Loren Baker added

    Don’t forget your roots, be humble

    Never forget your beginnings and keep your feet firmly on the ground. No one likes a big headed self congratulatory know it all.

    Don’t be afraid to try new things, stay fresh

    Keep trying new ideas and content for your blog, in this way you can attract different people with varied range of interests. Evolve with the evolving social media and the market
    Lee Odden added

    Develop a SMO strategy

    Keep your objectives defined and goals set. Plan your strategy and act accordingly.

    Choose your SMO tactics wisely

    Choose and customize your tactics wisely. Not every tactic will work for everyone.

    Make SMO a part of your everyday process

    SMO is not one time fire and forget missile. You need add it to your to do list everyday so as to keep evolving with the ever changing scenario of Social Media Marketing and digital marketing.

    So, this brings to an end of the 16 rules of effective Social Media Marketing.Follow and practices them for an effective Digital marketing experience.