Useful Plugins that you may not know

Jun 062019

WordPress Plugins are incredibly useful and resourceful that extends the functionalities of WordPress and assists you in making the most of the wonder called WordPress. When it comes to Plugins there are an abundance of them, actually about 50,000 Plugins are available for you to extend your WordPress experience. While some of them are quite well known and are used by many, many useful Plugins stay in the shadows for they and their functionalities aren’t known to many.
In this blog you will be introduced to some lesser known Plugins who have high functionality and very useful. Not many people know about them and they have less active installs (less than 50 K) than the big ones.

We hope that you will find some Plugins that may be of use to you.

Ajax search Lite




Ajax search lite adds live search functionality to your WordPress website. It’s an efficient and attractive Ajax powered search engine that replaces the default WordPress search. It supports custom post types and custom fields and more. You can filter the results with the category and post type filter boxes as well. Google auto complete and keyword suggestions are also included.

JQuery Responsive Select Menu




For some people a good old select menu never lost its charm. If you are one of those, then you will love jQuery Responsive Select Menu. It’s the perfect solution to make your site responsive for mobile devices like phones and tablets. jQuery Responsive Select Menu lets you make your WordPress menus responsive by turning them into drop-down select elements below a width of your choosing. It’s also very lightweight and works with all types of menus.

Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome




This Plugin combines two things WordPress Custom fields and Font Awesome font icons. It’s a free add-on that creates a Font Awesome icon field type in ACF and allows the user to select and change the icons displayed on the website.

Ajax Load More – Infinite Scroll




Ajax Load More is a powerful solution for infinite scrolling and lazy loading WordPress posts, custom post types, single posts, pages and comments with Ajax powered queries and is fully compatible for infinite scrolling with popular ecommerce Plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. It has customizable repeater templates which allow you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing theme.

Customizer Export/Import




Customizer export/import is a huge timesaving Plugin that turns the tedious task of entering and re entering theme settings into the WordPress customizer. It allows you to export or import your WordPress customizer settings from directly within the customizer interface itself. Previously this Plugin only exported options saved as theme mods but now exports settings saved as options as well!

SB Child List




This Plugin lets you turn WordPress into a proper easily navigable CMS and you can use it to improve the navigation and usability of your website by displaying a list of post or pages via a WordPress short code.

Weather Underground
 has the most accurate and in-depth weather information and this Plugin uses the Wunderground API for the accurate forecasts. Being the best-looking weather forecast Plugin for WordPress, it looks great on many different templates out of the box, including the default WP theme. Just enter the locale and choose from a host of templates to inform your website user about accurate forecasts and present conditions.

Strong Testimonials




It is THE Plugin to handle and manage testimonials on your website and helps in creating and displaying testimonials. It has a front-end form with easy to use editor which helps in adding or removing fields, or changing properties like the order, the text before or after, and the placeholder text. The form also offers anti-spam options like honeypots and Captcha.

These were some of the lesser known Plugins offering high functionality and have good use. They can be called hidden gems. You need to do a little digging and uncovering in WordPress Plugin library to find them, but they actually are real treasures just waiting to be found.