What’s next in Digital Marketing? Trends to look for in 2020

Feb 182020

To succeed at digital marketing and marketing as a whole, you should be forward-thinking. This means you should be aware of the next huge thing, the latest advancements, and all the trends that are sure to be huge over the next 12 months.

In order to help you start off on the correct foot with your strategy, we've taken a gander at the digital marketing trends you need to think about in 2020.

Assessing exactly what you need to think about and how these trends are going to affect your digital marketing strategy, we've created comprehensive guides and web journals. All of these provide information on the most proficient method to integrate the latest trends with your existing strategy.

Trend 1. Lifecycle Marketing

The role of digital in creating a unified customer experience is also high in the response, however, it's shocking that digital marketing isn't seen as a driver of boosting revenue from existing customers. It's an artifact of the question since digital marketing is effective in achieving all of these goals, including customer retention.

A more practical approach to plan to integrate online marketing into marketing activities is to consider communications from a customer point-of-view through the customer journey.

Trend 2. Conversational Marketing

This is the most exciting trend in marketing trends today, as it helps in bringing together quick consumer adoption of brilliant speakers and innovation in search query processing, conversational interfaces and messaging.

Conversational marketing was highlighted as a key innovation alongside Artificial Intelligence, which often fuels it. It is believed that building in more relevant to the web; email and mobile-based conversations can have a bigger effect by boosting the relevance and speaking in a more personal tone.

Trend 3. Insights-driven marketing

Improving their data-driven marketing is the point of many businesses indicated by the most desired expertise amongst digital marketers revealed by the Altimeter/Prophet State of Digital Marketing report.

In addition to advances in customer analytics supported by CDPs, new Voice of the Customer (VoC) techniques, for example, online-hosted customer communities, can improve customer preferences for future products and how they are delivered.

Trend 4. Consumer Privacy and KYC

Repeated protection violation of social norms by Facebook, Google and security breaches at other brands leading to the release of customer details have highlighted to consumers that their data isn't as safe with online brands as they may have once thought.

With these consumer concerns and new legislation going to be launched and the inaccuracy of tracking online with increasing restrictions incorporated with a browser like Chrome and Safari, it seems like the times of the cookie (and especially outsider cookies) and digital fingerprinting might be numbered. This means businesses ought to be considering other alternatives if they aren't already.

Trend 5. Digital and Marketing Transformation

It has been revealed that many challenges in terms of how digital marketing is run in companies today. Problems included an absence of spotlight on integrated strategy, testing, and optimization and auxiliary issues like teams working in storehouses or absence of abilities in integrated communications.

To counter these types of problems and to make a large portion of the opportunities for growing a business through digital marketing, many businesses are presently putting a digital transformation program in place.

The point of digital transformation is to develop a guide to improve digital capabilities and abilities, while at the same time, integrating 'consistently on' digital marketing activities with brand and product marketing in the business.

With these digital marketing trends of 2020, you will definitely be able to plan your next digital marketing strategy for your company. We hope that this post will help you in many manners.