WordPress Form Builder plugins: Best among the rest

Jun 062019

WordPress, since its beginnings, has repeatedly been proved to be a boon for people looking to build and maintain a website or blog site, especially for people without any coding knowledge.
The layman’s lack of coding knowledge is mitigated by WordPress plugins. Plugins can do wonders, without even touching even a line of code; they enable you to add functionalities into your WordPress website that would have otherwise been impossible to implement without writing long pieces of code, stretching onto the screen resembling an infinite ladder.
That’s how much valuable a good WordPress Plugin really is. In this blog I will discuss some great Form Builder plugins that are a real treat.

Gravity Forms




From a typical contact form, to customized forms for online polls to quizzes, questionnaires, Gravity forms have it all, complete with 33 different field types, a drag & drop builder, plus many different submission options. Extending the functionality is another feature that allows the user to manage how the form submission is sent whether via email or stored in the database. Gravity Forms also allows the user to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third party services such as PayPal and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress through our collection of optional Add-Ons. Just select the fields, configure the options and easily embed forms on your WordPress powered site using the built-in tools. It is that easy.





CaptainForm is another such WordPress form builder Plugin which is a great choice for beginners. CaptainForm offers a free plan that limits you to 3 forms just for testing, but it’s the paid plan that offers true benefits of data storage and processing. With paid plan users can have unlimited access to brilliant built in templates for quizzes, surveys, polls, product order forms and email signups etc. These forms can be extended to with 3rd party tools like PayPal/Stripe for payments, Dropbox for storage, or MailChimp for email marketing.

Ninja Forms




Ninja Forms has the greatest feature of live visual form builder. It has elements for all form inputs like phone number, address, and e-mail with built-in verification features, by default. Ninja Form is a free plugins but all the pro features such as payments and custom form handling come with the paid version only. The dashboard offers full control over the styling, positioning and setting of the forms along with translation support

Visual Form Builder




Visual Form Builder is one of most stable and most widely used form builder Plugin with 100k installs. This Plugin is totally free and comes with a button based visual editor on the backend, complete with all the relevant features. Visual Form Builder even takes extra settings for custom CSS classes and options for required fields. Validation can be handled with ReCAPTCHA or a simpler Q&A type security question. It’s not recommended for payment gateways but is great for making dynamic contact forms from scratch.

Form Maker




Form Maker is a relatively newer free form builder Plugin. It’s a great option for complex form pages that need extra elements like embedded maps or upload fields. The default input fields are minimalist and attractive which blends with the websites they are implemented on. With a detailed options page you can also choose where the form data should go when submitted. You can pick from multiple color schemes, multiple columns, and many other design styles all for free.