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5G: Just around the curve

Jun 06 2019

“Everything we’ve invented, everything we’ve transformed, and every hurdle we’ve overcome has built the foundation for the limitless opportunities that 5G will open up.” Steve Mollenkopf, CEO, Qualcomm Before getting into the article,

Google Daydream: Virtual is the new Reality

Jun 06 2019

At Google I/O developer conference held on May, 2016, Google dropped the word about Daydream, their platform for high quality mobile VR. The goal behind Daydream is to simplify and crucially amplify the overall high quality virtual reality experience[...]

What’s cooking in WordPress kitchen: WordPress updates in 2017, January and February

Jun 06 2019

WordPress, everyone who has a website, had a website, has something to do with a website in one way or the other or even has heard of or seen a website, in short has something to do with web and the internet, knows or even has heard about WordPress.