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What’s cooking in WordPress kitchen: WordPress updates in 2017, March & April

Jun 06 2019

In the previous blog, I discussed the updates and additions WordPress made to its framework in January and February In this current blog we will continue what we started and list the updates and additions made in March and April so far. Below are

The new rules of social media optimization: Part 2

Jun 06 2019

In the previous blog I discussed the original 5 rules of social media optimization, updated by Rohit Bhargava himself on light of emergence of new players like pinterest or Twitter and evolution of social media in general. As the original 5 rules were

WordPress and PHP: hand in hand

Jun 06 2019

A website is the need of the hour for every business. To get recognition and to reach the zenith of success, every business needs a website. WordPress is here just for that. It is said to be the most popular, easiest and effective website management [...]